Will ChatGPT Upend Today’s Search Engines

With the introduction of ChatGPT and other similar AI-powered chatbots, the future of traditional search engines as we know them could look very different in a few years. Over the past decades, traditional search engines have evolved from open directories (DMOZ, open directory project) to today’s web crawler based search engines such as Google.com, Bing.com … Continue Reading

Google And Meta Now Take Up Less Than 50% Of Ad Market

Since 2014, the two Internet ad giants, Google and Meta have been dominating the online ad space through their respective ad platforms, bundling online ad visibility across platforms such as Google Adwords, Google AdSense, YouTube, Google Marketing Platform (controlled by Google) and in the case of Meta: their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms. The online … Continue Reading

Preferred payment methods by European E-commerce shoppers

Ecommerce News Europe has taken a closer look at e-commerce shoppers preferred payment methods across 20 different European markets. VISA and PayPal dominate the European ecommerce industry. In almost every country in Europe, one of these two payment methods is the most popular payment method for online shopping. Only in the Netherlands other payment methods … Continue Reading

Europe’s Top 500 E-commerce Players

A recent study of top 500 European Cross-border Webshops has documented that the total online EU cross-border market (excluding travel) represents a turnover of €95 Billions in 2018. The ‘Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe’ analysis includes a major compilation of cross-border data from websites of European retailers with the aim of ranking web shops based on … Continue Reading

International Expansion

International Expansion Accessing new international markets is at the top of the list for many e-com retailers, brands and B2B-webshops. Scaling your business to new markets is one of the most efficient ways to grow your company’s profitability but poses new challenges which need to be carefully addressed and mastered in order for you to successfully … Continue Reading

Using digital to scale internationally

The digital transformation combined with globalisation enables international business growth and opportunities for companies to scale on a global level. Digitalisation deliver opportunities for companies to grow internationally and to establish a presence on foreign markets with a lower investment in market research, distribution channel network and business development resources compared to pre-digital eras. Companies … Continue Reading

Google AdWords -> Google Ads

Since its inception 18 years ago on the back of then leading Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Network Goto.com/Overture, Google Adwords has been an unstoppable force in Online Marketing, leading Google to the companys’ current position not only as dominant online marketing player and wall street darling while at the same time providing the cash-reserves needed to … Continue Reading

Amazon Extended Ad Network

This week, Amazon announced the roll-out of its extended ad network challenging existing players like Google Adsense and Criteo’s Retargeting. Amazon Extended Ad Network allows e-commerce vendors to reach more customers across other websites than Amazon-sites. How the Extended Ad Network Works Amazon’s network gives advertisers the ability to promote their Sponsored Products campaigns on … Continue Reading