Search Marketing


Search Marketing drives immediate results while also providing valuable insights about consumer interest, consumer purchase intent and market potential.

We apply search marketing at the center of our clients’ digital marketing strategy to:

– build a solid foundation for ROI-focused and data driven business growth
– collect consumer insights for future marketing activities
– create a performance marketing structure for entering new markets

Our performance- and data driven approach aims at delivering a framework for efficient and structured expansion of our clients’ marketing activities, while at the same time offering insights that allow us to quickly evaluate, expand and optimize campaigns to effectively achieve our clients’ marketing goals.

Our search marketing campaigns are constantly measured, evaluated against overall campaign KPI’s.  We believe that continuous measurement and evaluation build the foundation for long-lasting results and continued growth.

Regardless of business objectives, vertical and target groups, we work exclusively with customers attesting to the value of measuring the results of our work.

Our activity plan and performance marketing strategy are based on the RACE framework enabling us to plan, evaluate and optimize marketing activities across all marketing channels based on the following targets and KPI’s.

Our performance and data based approach to all campaign activity allows us to optimize campaigns quickly and be constantly aligned with business objectives when creating and executing on our marketing plans.

Learn how to improve your digital performance marketing activities today: Download our free digital marketing template and get a free review of your existing marketing activity plan.

Search Engine Marketing
Our +15 yrs. of Search Marketing Experience along with our leading campaign optimization tools and our Google AdWords Qualified Status secure our client constant high performing campaigns that deliver results and meet campaign targets.

Search Engine Optimization
We help our clients to iproved visibility and more inbound, organic traffic via our strategic SEO consultancy services and our suite of SEO-activities including: SEO-Analysis, On-/Off Page optimization and SEO-content optimization.

Amazon Marketing
We help our clients benefit from the marketing opportunities emerging on the worlds’ largest e-commerce platform and attract new high-frequent online shoppers to their business.